By Dan Primack
September 6, 2011

A few months ago, I spent an afternoon hanging out with the guys at Foundry Group, a Boulder, Colo.-based venture capital firm that was among the initial investors in Zynga and AdMeld. Part of it was social (we had beers). Part of it was business (I asked a lot about Zynga, they told me nothing). But, most importantly, part of it was satire.

I was there to play a (very) small role in a music video the firm was filming called I’m a VC. That’s right, a music video. Written and produced by Foundry partner Jason Mendelson (who has an entire music studio in his basement), the spot involved all of the Foundry team and some outfits ripped right out of Color Me Bad’s (or Andy Samberg’s) wardrobe. And, yes, there is a certain “box.”

To be certain, these are serious investors who (thankfully) don’t take themselves too seriously.┬áSo, without further ado, the world premiere of I’m a VC:

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