By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 6, 2011

Up nearly 82% from 2010’s 47.5 million, overtaking Nokia for the first time

DigiTimes, a Taipai-based daily that keeps as close tabs as any publication on the Asian supply chain, posted its estimates¬†Tuesday for where it thinks the top 10 smartphone manufacturers will be at year’s end.

Although Apple AAPL will have shipped the most units — 86.4 million, up 81.9% from 2010 — according to DigiTimes analyst Luke Lin, it’s being outpaced by the small army of companies competing in the market for Google GOOG Android phones. Among the fastest-growing manufacturers: Samsung (up 191.3%), LGE (250%), Huawei (484.4%), ZTE (330.3%) and, swiftest of all, Others (532%).

The biggest loser in the DigiTimes chart is Nokia NOK , which sold twice as many smartphones in 2010 as Apple but was overtaken in 2011. By the end of the year, according to Lin, Nokia’s smartphone shipments will have fallen from 100.3 million to 74.4 million, down 25.8%.

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