By Dan Primack
September 1, 2011

* Michael de la Merced: How AT&T got into a standoff with the government

* How to judge a storm’s fury: The “Waffle House Index”

* Seriously? Yet another Apple employee left another unreleased iPhone in a bar

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report, London falls early, European shares sag and the Nikkei climbs.

* U.S. household incomes: A 42-year perspective

* Jeff Reeves: Four blue-chippers ripe for spin-offs

* Lisen Stromberg: My neighbor, Steve Jobs

* Ryan Lawler: MobiTV’s IPO filing is not a pretty picture

* Irreplaceable? What happened to 10 tech companies when they lost their founders?

* Irene aftermath: A small-town Adirondack library needs your help

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* Memo: Goldman Sachs takes a dim economic view in private note to hedge fund clients

* Tweet of the Day: @EpicureanDeal Businessmen are only free market capitalists on Sunday, in church. The rest of the week they like market concentration.

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