By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
August 25, 2011

Six minutes on Jobs’ legacy at Apple. A two-minute spotlight on Cook, the new CEO.

The video team at CNNMoney has produced two pieces to mark the changing of the guard at Apple (AAPL).

To reflect on Steve Jobs’ legacy, I was invited to join a team from Fortune magazine that includes managing editor Andy Serwer, tech editor Stephanie Mehta, senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky and contributor Michael Copeland.

The piece on Tim Cook was delivered by Miguel Helft, who covered Apple for the New York Times before he joined Fortune as a senior writer in June. For the definitive magazine profile of the new CEO, see Lashinsky’s 2008 cover story: The Genius behind Steve Jobs.

Videos below the fold.

[cnnmoney-video vid=/video/technology/2011/08/24/t_steve_jobs_apple_legacy.fortune]

[cnnmoney-video vid=/video/technology/2011/08/24/tt_jobs_resigns_apple.fortune]

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