By Dan Primack
June 23, 2011

* Has Electronic Arts found its social savior? Company may buy PopCap Games for $1 billion.

* Robert Scoble: It’s an insider bubble, because the tech industry has forgotten users

* It’s official: SEC press release on adopted “venture capital” definition and new hedge fund registration rules.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower on Fed outlook, London falls earlyEuropean shares slide and the Nikkei slips.

* Bob Doll: Investors should look past short-term risks

* Felix Salmon: How to prevent misguided privatizations

* Peter Kafka: What are Hulu’s owners really selling?

* Louise Story: Does the euro crisis have a hidden AIG?

* When you work at Legoland, your practical jokes kind of write themselves.

* From the White House to the boardroom: Larry Summers joins Square, Condi Rice joins Kior.

* Eric Schmidt says Google plans to buy more display ad companies. Shouldn’t he have waited until the FTC approves the AdMeld deal?

* Tweet of the Day: @LaMonicaBuzz Remember when armed forces played loud rock music to get Noriega to surrender in Panama? Perhaps we use this Bernanke presser on Gadhafi?

* Off the lamb: Boston mobster Whitey Bulger gets caught in Santa Monica. Seems he caught a San Diego screening of The Departed in 2006, just to keep tabs on his fictionalized self. Best book I’ve ever read on the guy was Black Mass, about his unholy relationship with the FBI.

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