By Dan Primack
June 20, 2011

* Merger Monday: PNC buying the U.S. retail banking group of RBC for $3.45 billion

* Did Skype fire execs to avoid acquisition-related payouts? If so, its PE sponsors and Microsoft have some explaining to do.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls earlyEuropean shares extend losses and the Nikkei flattens.

* Roben Farzad: Why Apple isn’t in the Dow

* Strangers among us: The NY Fed’s top embeds

* Derek Thompson: Why China’s ghost towns matter for our economy

* Peter Whoriske: Gap keeps growing between wealthy and everyone else

* Michael de la Merced: The magical accounting of web startups

* Lots of people steal content, but you don’t expect it from a sitting Congressman. I guess Rep. Canseco (R-TX) was out the day they went over copyright law.

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