By Dan Primack
May 19, 2011

With LinkedIn (LNKD) shares trading like a runaway rocketship — it was well over $100 per share at last check — the folks at SecondMarket just released the company’s pricing history on its private exchange. Here is what you could have bought LinkedIn for over the past year, assuming you were an accredited investor who was comfortable with the lack of financial disclosures:

April 2010 – $14.50/share
May 2010 – $17
June 2010 – $17
July 2010 – $21.50
August 2010 – $23
September 2010 – $25
October 2010 – $23
November 2010 – $25
December 2010 – $25
January 2011 – $34
February 2011 – $35
March 2011 – $35

In a statement, SecondMarket said: “This is very good news for LinkedIn and a much-needed boost for the IPO market.  It’s great to see a company go public when it makes strategic sense for the business, and we’re pleased that trading on SecondMarket helped contribute to a successful IPO.  This IPO also underscores the point that even for an exciting, innovative company like LinkedIn, it can take nearly a decade before the time is right to go public.”

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