The release announcing the latest version of a 13-year-old product is a model of overstatement

Photo: Apple Inc.

If you want to know about the new iMacs Apple AAPL released Tuesday, the best place to get the low-down is from Apple’s own spec sheet here.

If you want to see how Apple sells the story to tech writers, the press release is here. To spare you the trouble, we’ve totted up the adjectives and adjectival phrases.

By our count, Apple managed to pack 80 of them in 10 short paragraphs (not counting the footnotes). Here they are:

Apple’s desktop introductions were a lot more fun when Steve Jobs used to do them. See, for example, his unveiling of the original iMac in 1998. “It looks like it’s from another planet,” he said. “And a good planet. A planet with better designers.”

YouTube video below the fold.

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