By Dan Primack
March 18, 2011

* Tony Golsby-Smith: 3 questions that will kill innovation

* Valuing water: How can businesses manage the coming scarcity?

* Mark Suster: When hiring at a startup, emphasize attitude over aptitude

* Cruz missile misfire? Ex-Morgan Stanley exec Zoe Cruz is having troubles with her hedge fund

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises earlyEuropean shares slip and the Nikkei rallies after G7 pledge.

* List-icle: The Fed’s biggest blunders

* Barney Frank: Make Wall Street pay for housing relief

* Air traffic control: Inside the process of canceling a Delta flight

* The graduates: Indian VCs move into private equity

* Ouch! Kevin Rose doesn’t even really use Digg anymore

* John Branch: A mission, a dream and a block for Moorehead State

* Fred Wilson explains why he missed Airbnb. Paul Graham publishes a related email exchange.

* Ok, I’m giving Quora a spin. First question is for entrepreneurs turned VCs: What do you know today about VCs that you wish you had known as an entrepreneur?

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