By JP Mangalindan
February 28, 2011

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Director David Fincher’s much-talked about Facebook biopic, The Social Network, failed to win Best Picture or Best Director at this year’s Academy Awards, but it did walk away with three statues for Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Adapted Screenplay. (Also, let’s not forget it recently picked up the Golden Globe for Best Picture, too.)

  • Elsewhere in Facebook-land, the social champ made a subtle, but notable tweak to its Recommendation system. When users “Like” or “Recommend” something on a third-party web site or in a Facebook app, Facebook publishes a more fleshed News Feed update like this: 

  • After hitting several patches, including a quickly aborted launch earlier this month, Groupon officially opened its virtual doors in China under the domain Despite 1,000 or so local employees and some $950 million of funding to play around with, the joint venture with Chinese Internet portal Tencent faces stiff competition from 1,700 other “tuangou” (read: group buying) sites already in the market, including and, reportedly backed by Sequoia Capital. ( and Fortune)
  • In other Groupon news, the leading daily deals site reportedly raked in a whopping $760 million revenues last year compared with just $33 million the year before. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Nobutoshi Kihara, known as “the wizard of Sony,” passed away recently at age 84. Kihara’s numerous innovations, like the transistor radio and television, the Betamax, eight-millimeter movie, and the digital still camera known as the Mavica, paved the way for 700-plus patents and Sony’s reputation during the late 20th century as an innovator in the consumer tech space. (New York Times)

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