By Dan Primack
January 24, 2011

* Matthew Ingram: Why Google still needs to buy a Groupon clone

* Tami Luhby: Texas’ love/hate relationship with Washington’s money

* Philip Delves Broughton on Jeff Immelt’s qualifications to be jobs czar: “G.E. may be wonderful in many respects, but U.S. job creation isn’t one of them.”

* Morning call: U.S. futures look flat, London falls earlyEuropean shares edge lower and the Nikkei rises.

* Morningstar: 6 retail M&A targets to watch

* What me worry? SAC Capital’s Steven Cohen is going to Davos

* Paul Sullivan: For investing big bonuses, boring is in

* Ben Austen: Using tech to bring the coffin industry back from the dead

* RBS returns to court to prevent former Liverpool owners from filing suit

* Shira Ovide: Did Google just reduce the demand for Demand Media’s IPO?

* Cuckoo? Barclays plans to use coco bonds to pay a portion of future bonuses

* Jeff Cornwall: How to save face and avoid becoming an entrepreneurial bully

* James Altucher: How I screwed Yasser Arafat out of $2 million (and lost $100 million in the process)

* Today in insider trading: Morgan Stanley banker investigated for leaking merger info to Raj Rajaratnam

* Today in insider trading II: Warner Music Group chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. found guilty of insider trading by a French court.

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* Tweet of the Day: @jhurliman Free biz plan – Uber cab for VCs. We track 4sq checkins, offer investors a lift, and give your elevator pitch on the ride home

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