By Dan Primack
January 19, 2011

* Beyond bonuses: Goldman Sachs partners are about to get a different windfall

* Marvell Tech Group CEO Sehat Sutardja: “You can’t run a company based on hearsay”

* NY Post correctly points out a provision of Dodd-Frank that could make hedge/PE fraud easier, by shifting oversight to “cash-strapped” states. Fails to mention that states lobbied for the change.

Joshua Brown: “If the VIX were a now-grown child star from the 80’s, this would be the phase where it would start robbing liquor stores and removing its pants for twenties in strangers’ cars – rock bottom.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures look flat, London falls earlyEuropean shares retreat and the Nikkei climbs.

* UK minister: Actis privatization is “shameful”

* Dow Jones: VCs getting more bang for their bucks via M&A

* Tim Geithner blogs in defense of the healthcare reform bill

* Green shoot: U.S. manufacturing jobs rise for first time since 1997

* J.P. Morgan: Yup, we overcharged military families on their mortgages and foreclosed on some homes we shouldn’t have.

* Carlyle Group boss David Rubenstein will be among those meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House today.

* Mystery solved: Robert Mercer, co-CEO of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, paid for all of those anti-mosque ads in New York this past summer.

* Lisa Bertagnoli: An exodus from blogging (don’t worry, dear readers, I’m still into it)

* Alibaba Group has no immediate plans to go public, but it does plan to spend up to $4 billion on logistics

* Tweet of the Day: @daveweigel Final straw for Kent Conrad was all of those mean things Ricky Gervais said about him

* Katherine Rosman on single-name social media: “Michael Arrington, founder of the news site TechCrunch, began lobbying AOL in October 2010 to give him the email account after AOL bought his website. He calls the ‘mike’ address ‘retro cool.’ AOL determined it was active. ‘We told him no,’ Ms. Hollars says.

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