By Dan Primack
January 14, 2011

* Yves Smith: Wall Street is still overpaid

* McKinsey: The Web’s €100 billion surplus

* Tricia Duryee: Fewer than 6% of online gamers buy virtual goods… and that’s okay

* So that $950 million was bridge financing? Groupon meets with bankers about a spring IPO.

* The SEC asks: Did private equity funds violate bribery laws to secure investments from sovereign wealth funds?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures look flat, London falls early, European shares extend losses and the Nikkei loses 0.9%.

* Shira Ovide: How the gov’t decided to throw $20 billion at Citigroup

* Editorial shift: Joe Nocera is moving from the NYT biz page to its op-ed page

* It will be The Daily, but not this day: News Corp delays release of its iPad newspaper

* Low-ball leads to hardball: Sara Lee shuts KKR out of auction, after being offended by initial offer.

* Steven Pearlstein: “This is an ideal opportunity to test the good faith of a business community whose complaints about the Obama administration were overblown and more than a tad hypocritical. The president has assumed his share of the responsibility for the breakdown in relations and taken several significant steps toward detente, even at the cost of alienating his political base. Now it’s time for those who claim to be business leaders to reciprocate – or reveal themselves to be the one-way-streeters that many had suspected.”

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