By Seth Weintraub
January 13, 2011

Breaking the tie from last quarter, Android is now way out in front of iOS and the other smartphone vendors in terms of impressions measured by one agency.

Google’s (GOOG) Android saw some strong numbers today as Millennial Media reported its advertising share makeup.  As far as apps are concerned, Android carried 55% of impressions for the month.  Apple’s iOS was second with almost 40%.

Android’s impression share was less dominant but still significantly higher than the previous month’s tie with iOS, below:

During the previous month, iOS and Android were in a dead heat:

However, Apple did still have the top device in the iPhone and two of the top three with the iPod touch scoring high numbers.

It will be interesting to see how these figures change when the Verizon iPhone is thrown into the mix.

More findings:

·         Apple remained the top manufacturer on the Millennial network (as it has been for the last 15 months), and the iPhone and iPod Touch made up two out of the top three of individual mobile devices.

·         Apple ad requests grew 12% from Q3 to Q4 and since January, Apple has increased 14%. iPad requests in particular increased 280% from Q3 to Q4.

·         For the first time, Android surpassed iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on the Millennial network, with an 8% increase month-over-month and 46% impression share on their network in December. The iOS currently has a 32% share.

·         When breaking down the revenue generated by apps in Q4—Android had a 55% share as opposed to 39% for Apple. Android had a 13% increase quarter-over-quarter.

·         Verizon experienced a 2% increase month-over-month in December. Verizon’s impression share is likely a result of the popularity of Droid devices and the carrier’s ability to offer 13 of the Top 30 Mobile Devices.

·         Android ad requests grew 141% from Q3 to Q4 and since January, Android has grown 3130%

·         Travel and Vacation app impressions doubled quarter-over-quarter. Apps in this category have evolved to bring online capabilities to the mobile platform (e.g., reservations, check-in, boarding passes, travel updates, etc). The double digit quarterly growth shows that mobile consumers found value in staying connected through their mobile devices as they traveled this holiday season.

Two more interesting charts:

About Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix:

Millennial Media’s Mobile MixTM reports key advertising trends with a focus on mobile manufacturers, devices, operating systems, connected devices and more. Millennial Media’s Mobile MixTM is in complement to the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)TM report, which delivers monthly insights on advertising performance and engagement. Both reports are based on actual campaign and network data from Millennial Media, Inc. Millennial Media partners with major carriers, media networks, and top-tier publishers to deliver the largest data set of any third-party U.S. mobile advertising network. As such, we are uniquely capable of reporting and analyzing the richest sets of carrier, device and campaign data collected over billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobile ecosystem forward is central to our company mission.

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