By Dan Primack
January 12, 2011

Goldman Sachs is no longer taking orders for Facebook shares, but that doesn’t mean that accredited investors still can’t buy in at that $50 billion valuation.

For example, someone forwarded me a December solicitation from NYPPEX, which said it is “in touch” with someone who wants to sell 10 million founders shares at $22 per share. That’s basically the $50 billion valuation priced by Goldman (GS), with the seller preferring to attract a single buyer.

If $220 million seems like a bit more than you’re looking to invest, SharesPost is helping to sell up 175,000 shares at a $27 reserve price (or around a $54 billion valuation — so much for Goldman setting the market!). The minimum investment on this deal is just $100,000, with final bids due by Friday.

There’s also word that SecondMarket is running a Facebook share auction this week, but no word on pricing details.

No word on who any of the sellers are, although I also hear from multiple sources that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz recently sold a chunk of his own holdings via a secondary sale.

It’s worth emphasizing that Facebook has ultimate say over who can buy and sell its shares. But if you’ve got the cash — and aren’t competing for the shares against an FOM (friend of Mark) — then chances are you too can hold what might soon become the most widely-distributed private company stock of all time.

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