By Dan Primack
January 6, 2011

* Bryce Roberts: Everything will  be reinvented

* Getting closer: LinkinIn picks its IPO underwriters

* Jesse Eisinger: S&P’s triple-A ratings collapse again

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises earlyEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei hits an 8-month high.

* Consensus? Momentum builds for corporate tax overhaul

* Secondary market: Law degree, never used, for sale on eBay

* 2007 flashback: 15 reasons why Facebook might be worth $15 billion

* Peter Kafka: Big media tells big media that Hulu is hurting big media

* Shira Ovide: Blackstone Group gets sucked into the maw of New York politics

* Steve Ballmer keynotes at CES: “Whatever device you use, Windows will be there”

* Alert! Someone might actually shop at a go-shop: Sears, Urban Outfitters consider rival offers for J Crew

* Jeff Bercovici: “AOL is sometimes criticized for not having a strategy, but that couldn’t be more unfair. Heck, they’ve got a new one practically every quarter.”

* Bill Gross gets entomological: “We have been playing the part of the female mantis, munching on the theoretical heads of future generations, while paying no mind to the wretches that will eventually be called upon to pay the bills.”

* James Hamilton has a message for Congress: “If you have a concrete proposal to raise tax revenue or cut spending, then put it on the table. But if you simply want to grandstand on the debt ceiling as if it were a stand-alone issue, it is clear that you have nothing but contempt for the voters.”

* Picture show: Howard Lindzon talks basketball and business with Mark Cuban:

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