By Seth Weintraub
January 5, 2011

HTC has jumped the gun in a pretty big way.

Android Central posts an HTC ad which appears in this month’s Rolling Stone where HTC brags about being the first 4G phone on each of the four major US networks.  The EVO and G2 have been out for months on Sprint and T-Mobile’s ‘4G’ networks.  However, the Verizon (VZ) Thunderbolt looks like an unannounced phone that borrows heavily from the design of the original EVO.

What’s even more outrageous is that HTC is advertising an AT&T (T) 4G phone.  AT&T itself, hasn’t even committed to a release date of their LTE rollout only stating it would open up in limited markets in 2011.  If HTC got the go-ahead for the ad, it means that AT&T is going to try to trot out some 4G announcements for CES including having at least one phone lined up.

The AT&T Inspire 4G.  Something tells me that Samsung is going to have a problem with that name as well.  Full ad below:

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