AIG surged 9% after the chairman of the government-owned insurer said it could be back in private hands within a “year or two.”

AIG AIG rose $4 to a 52-week high above $52 after Steve Miller, who is chairman of the bailed-out New York company, told Bloomberg Television both AIG and Treasury are “anxious to complete that job as quickly as possible.”

A big rally

Treasury, the Federal Reserve and AIG agreed last week to a restructuring of the government’s loans to AIG. Public lending commitments to AIG once ranged as high as $182 billion, but the government has been saying the revamped deal puts taxpayers on course for reaping a profit on the federal bailout of the company.

To that end, Miller said he takes heart in the big stock sales pulled off recently by two other high-profile, bailed-out companies, Citigroup c and General Motors gm .

“Those are good precedents that give increased confidence that we will be able to get the same thing done with Treasury selling their shares into the public market,” Miller said.