By Dan Primack
December 2, 2010

My former colleagues over at Buyouts magazine have published profiles of several private equity “legends,” which includes some of their more notable misses. Here are some highlights (or lowlights):

  • David Morgenthaler: Sided with partner who didn’t want to make an investment in YouTube around six years ago.
  • Alan Patricof: Didn’t think the world needed another coffee shop, so he passed on Starbucks.
  • Steve Klinsky: Had “handshake deal” to acquire MTV-Nickelodeon in 1980’s, but ultimately lost out.
  • Steve Schwarzman: He didn’t name a specific deal, but did express regret over not convincing Larry Fink and the Blackrock team to stick around.

You can read the full piece here, although you need to be a subscriber…

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