By Dan Primack
December 1, 2010

* Stuart Lyman: The myth of pharma’s “patent cliff”

* Not just Rattner? The SEC isn’t too fond of Andrew Cuomo’s methods

* Naval Ravikant: There is no angel bubble. There are lots of angel bubbles

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rallies on banksEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei edges higher.

* Alison Tudor: Hedge funds flock back to Asia

* Bethany McLean: Nine economic thoughts to nibble on

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* Nick Denton’s manifesto: Why Gawker is moving beyond the blog

* Today in insider trading: A Gerson Lehrman consultant gets probed

* Rob Day: How cleantech VCs are reacting to the broken venture model

* My man crush on Tom Brady ends the moment he slips on a pair of UGGs

* The battle for Twitter: Mike Arrington suggests it’s coming down to John Doerr vs. Yuri Milner

* Tweet of the Day: @
I hope Google buys Groupon if for no other reason than that the tech press can have its daily deal climax and move on to next topic.

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