By Seth Weintraub
November 9, 2010

If for some reason, you’d rather search using Google, over Microsoft’s built-in Bing browser, Google’s got a Windows 7 app for that.

Just like Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing has a Google (GOOG) Android App, Google does a Windows Phone 7 app, the company revealed today.

Searching with Google on your Windows Phone 7 device just got easier. The Google Search app for Windows Phone 7 provides quick and convenient access to a rich set of search results, allowing you to search the web, images, local, news, and more.

The App looks very natural with its big white fonts on black background. Google (GOOG) notes that its app lists suggestions as you type, something that Microsoft (msft) doesn’t do on its Bing Android App.

Interesting strategy by the two search biggies. Consumers win so far, unless platforms block each other out.

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