By Dan Primack
October 14, 2010

* Neil Hume: About those Yahoo buyout rumors

* Simon Johnson: The coming meta-boom and meta-bust

* The bell is about to toll for Steven Rattner. I’ll have much more about this later this morning, including in the Term Sheet email. Have to wonder if the SEC will officially charge Rattner before announcing the settlement. That was what it did with Rattner’s former partners at Quadrangle. Also curious to hear what, if anything Mike Bloomberg has to say. He had intimated in the past that this was all an overblown witch hunt.

* Speaking of the Rattner situation, this is what I had to say about it back in April.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rise on miners and the Nikkei jumps 1.9 percent.

* Austan Goolsbee visits Colbert

* SEC unblasted on Goldman Sachs

* Twitter’s patent strategy: Don’t bother

* 24 scary facts about the U.S. economy

* J.P. Morgan investment bankers take a pay cut

* Michael Kannellos: The solar industry needs its own Karl Rove

* Fortune’s 40 Under 40 is out, with Marc Andreessen topping the list

* Mike Moritz says that Silicon Valley could thrive on just $400 million in VC funding per year. For context, Valley companies last year raised over $7 billion.

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