By Scott Olster
October 7, 2010

By Patricia Sellers

Yesterday, Fortune wrapped up its Most Powerful Women Summit — the three-day event that I’m lucky enough to chair — with Senator Olympia Snowe in the early morning and Hillary Clinton and Avon CEO Andrea Jung just before noon. Warren Buffett brk.a , our honorary Most Powerful Guy participant, was sitting next to me watching the show from the front row. Yesterday I shared with you some choice lines from his on-stage conversation with Fortune’s Carol Loomis. Today, a few quotes from the Summit’s final morning…

“The biggest emerging market in the world isn’t a country. It’s women.”
– Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO of Avon Products AVP , which does 80% of its business outside the U.S.

“Talent is universal, but opportunity is not.”
– U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the power of mentoring and the Fortune-U.S. State Department Global Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership

“The red states are getting redder. The blue states are getting bluer. I say we should unite in the red, white and blue.”
– Senator Olympia Snowe (R)-Maine

“Being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition.”
– U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, on one of the benefits of health care and health insurance reform

“Women create companies that they want to work for.”
– Susan Sobbott, President of American Express axp OPEN, on a panel featuring fashion designer Tory Burch and two of Fortune’s 2010 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

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