By Dan Primack
September 27, 2010

* Evercore Partners: Bankers of the apocalypse

* Today in AngelGate: Chris Sacca responds to Ron Conway

* Steve Rattner (sort of) strikes back at his former Quadrangle Group partners

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point sharply higher, London rises early, European shares climb and the Nikkei adds 1.4%.

* The (unfortunate) return of the dividend recap

* Allison Bisbey Colter: The debt market’s new normal

* The Rubenstein Dorm? Carlyle Group gets into student housing

* Hedge fund manager David Tepper comes out of the billionaire closet

* Feds want to expand wire-tapping to include mobile and social networks

Yale’s endowment posts an 8.9% gain. An improvement, but still tracking worse than Harvard and three other Ivys.

* Woman fends off a bear with just a zucchini and adrenaline

* You knew it was coming… Adolph Hitler finds out about the Bin 38 dinner:

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