By Seth Weintraub
September 20, 2010

The new ad touts the device’s portability and power but  its pocket-ability is questionable.

You’ll need some pretty big pockets and the ability to stand up for long periods of time to pocket the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  But that doesn’t mean that Samsung won’t tout the device’s ability to go where no iPad will go.

Samsung CSO Omar Khan  demonstrated it handily going into his “off the rack” suit jacket pocket easily last week (video) at the U.S. launch event. For the ladies, a small purse seems like the best method of transport.

For guys, the best way to carry this around, according to the commercial, isn’t necessarily in the back pocket. The device spends most of its time in front of your face while walking around.

All joking aside, Samsung looks to be swinging big on this one.  While pocket-ability is questionable, it does a lot of what the iPad can (and can’t) do and, despite its size, much more portable.  It is also available with any big U.S. network and has Flash, in case you hadn’t noticed.

via Engadget

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