By Dan Primack
September 20, 2010

* Dance your Ph.D

* Jon Steinberg: The hustle and the machine

*James Surowiecki: Why a little inflation might do us good

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens strong, European shares rise on chemicals and the Nikkei hits 5-week closing high.

* Tom Hicks tries to hold onto Liverpool FC

* Are Twitter followers better than Facebook fans?

* Elizabeth MacDonald: The S&P 500’s pension mess

* Steven Bloch: Why investing in antibiotics makes sense

* Michael Arrington: Anatomy of PR spin (i.e. how to lie like a pro)

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* The $129 billion Canadian pension plan reinvents itself

* Scott Kirsner: Too many of Boston’s tech execs are “crusty old doughnuts”

* FreshDirect CEO Richard Braddock says his company is on the path to IPO:


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