ChromeOS on iPad with Parallels

Updated: Sep 16, 2010 2:55 AM UTC

One of the interesting features of the new Parallels 6 is to send virtual machines, like ChromeOS over the Internet to the iPad.

Parallels was nice enough to give me a demonstration today of their new Parallels 6 virtualization product. Besides having the ability to run Windows XP and 7 on an iPad, they're also pretty proud of the Google (goog) ChromeOS performance on iPad, which I have to say was pretty entertaining. If you need to run desktop OSes on the road, but want to leave the computer at home, this free iOS (works on iPhone and iPod touch too) app from Parallels is a pretty slick.

As long as your computer is on at home and connected to the net, you can access any of your virtual machines.  Here's a quick demo of Chrome running on iPad on a wireless LAN.

Parallels is available for Mac for $39-$79 depending on upgrade options.  Google's Chrome is expected to be released on limited Netbooks later this year.<!-- more -->