By Seth Weintraub
September 14, 2010

Mark October 17th on your calendars. That’s the date Best Buy is expected to start selling GoogleTV.

Engadget received a leaked internal Best Buy document that purportedly shows the release of the GoogleTV being pushed back to October 17th.  That date was apparantly pushed back from the original ship date of October 3rd, though having not been announced was only an internal target.

Best Buy is expected to sell the Logitech Revue as well as TVs and BluRay players that run GoogleTV which is based on an Intel hardware platform.

For those of you keeping score, AppleTV currently shows a 2-4 week ship time, which would put its release from the last days in September to the middle of October — just before Google.  Also, the Boxee Box, another set top box competitor,  just showed up on Amazon for $199 but a shipping date isn’t specified.

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