By Seth Weintraub
September 7, 2010

Google’s got another crazy logo up today and no one seems to know what it means.

Head to today and you’ll likely be met (if you are in the U.S. or Canada and you don’t have a background image in your search engine) with a surprising arrangement of balls that move around your cursor and even move if you move your browser window.  This comes a day before Google hosts and event at the SF MOMA that is search related.

What does it mean?

On the topic of the logo, Google told SearchEngineLand that:

… the logo  “is not related to Google’s birthday but is fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.” That may imply that something “fast, fun and interactive” will be announced at tomorrow’s big search event at Google. I suspect until then, we really won’t know the true meaning of this logo.

Marisa Mayer, who will be headlining that event, retweeted that the logo was the best Google Doodle ever. I’d disagree.

But they do seem to have a visual, artistic component to them.  Perhaps we’ll see a little more in the realm of Google Goggles?

I’ll be posting news as it becomes available tomorrow.

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