By Seth Weintraub
September 2, 2010

Google and AOL announce a continuation and expansion of one of the Internet’s longest standing partnerships.

One of the bigger aspects of the deal brings AOL video to YouTube, further solidifying Google’s dominance of video on the web.  It also includes the hot mobile category.

The length of the deal, at five years, is an eternity in the fast-moving Internet space.  YouTube, for example, is only five years old.

AOL  CEO Tim Armstrong, the former Google executive, had earlier hinted that he would look outside of his current partnerships for a search deal.  But, there isn’t really much outside of Bing and Google in search. That was likely a deal negotiating tactic in a bidding war between Bing and Google that wasn’t going as high as Armstrong desired.

In a press release today, AOL(AOL) and Google (GOOG) gave the following canned statements:

“Today is another important step in the turnaround of AOL,” said Tim Armstrong, AOL’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “AOL users will be getting a better search and search ads experience from the best search company in the world – Google. After nearly a decade-long partnership in search, we’re looking forward to expanding our global relationship to mobile search and YouTube. All aspects of our partnership will be improved by this deal.”

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership. This agreement combines Google’s expertise in search and advertising with AOL’s strength in online content,” said Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive fficer of Google. “It’s particularly exciting to see our relationship expand into video and mobile. These areas are now at the heart of users’ online experiences and at the core of both of our businesses.”

The partnership is multi-faceted and includes the following properties:

  • Search Products: Google will provide AOL with additional features and enhancement to its leading Web search products that will improve the consumer search experience across AOL’s network of sites.
  • Advertising Products: Google will provide AOL with best-in-class ad formats, giving AOL consumers a better, more relevant ad experience.
  • Mobile Search: As AOL renews its focus on mobile apps and content, the companies will work together to expand the alliance to cover mobile search.
  • YouTube: AOL and YouTube have agreed to a content partnership that will bring AOL’s video content to YouTube.
  • Global Focus: The alliance is international in scope and will provide improved experiences to AOL’s worldwide audience.

The terms of the deal weren’t announced beyond the five year time span.

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