By Seth Weintraub
August 26, 2010

While we’re very much looking forward to the Revue GoogleTV from Logitech, we’re not looking forward to the rest of Logitech’s ad campaign.

Here’s Logitech’s latest stab at advertising for the GoogleTV.  Yes, a naked Man-TV secretly enters a young girl’s room, jumps on her bed and scares her.

When taken into context with the other ads already playing on Logitech’s site, the campaign makes a little more sense.  TV is lonely because everyone is on their computers.

But Google already has enough issues with spying paranoia, the big eye on the TV isn’t going to send the right message, either.

At least put some pants on Man-TV.

The other two commercials, below, aren’t quite as bad.

via GTVHub, Engadget

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