By Seth Weintraub
August 26, 2010

My account hasn’t even been activated yet.

Wow, how is that for scale?  Google tweeted today that it had already surpassed the 1 million call mark on its first day of Google Voice integration with Gmail. And not everyone has even had their Gmail accounts integrated yet (like me!).

In a tweet on their official feed, Google (GOOG) said:

Over 1,000,000 calls placed from Gmail in just 24 hours! Thanks to everyone using this new feature.

Google is thought to be building a Social platform called GoogleMe and Goldman Sachs thinks voice calling is a big part of it.  They are off to a strong start.

There are around 50 million Gmail users in the US and Google says they should all be able to make calls in the coming week.  Google Apps business and education users will get the functionality in the months ahead.

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