By Seth Weintraub
August 25, 2010

Google is opening its Voice service to work within a Gmail window according to reports.  An announcement tomorrow is too much of a coincidence.

We know two things that very well may change the way you communicate over phones forever:

One: Google is having a press event tomorrow morning to unveil something exciting.  We don’t know what.

Two: Users of Gmail are starting to see some exciting little extras in their Gmail chat windows. Google Voice is now a web app.

Normally, you see something like this:

That will soon change.  CNET has posted what some select people are seeing in their Gmail account’s chat windows:

In fact, the user account they profile even got a welcome screen, below:

Add that to a window we saw in June (below) and you have yourself a handy little Skype killer.  No wonder Skype is skipping over Android!

Google (GOOG) bought former Skype VoIP and video over IP supplier Global IP Solutions earlier this year for $68 million and last year purchased VoIP provider Gizmo5, after a sale to Skype was sidelined.  They have the ability to do something very big in this space.

A built in window to call mobile numbers inside Gmail might just be one of Google’s next big things.

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