By Seth Weintraub
August 18, 2010

Is LG shipping some of Apple’s Retina Displays over to the Android camp?

Steve Jobs said at this year’s Apple WWDC,

“You can’t make an OLED display with this type of resolution right now. Retina display is going to set the standard for displays for the next several years. We don’t think anybody’s going to come close.”

While Samsung thinks its Super-AMOLED screens are better, another Android maker is going to be picking up some of the same type of  display hardware as Apple’s (T) iPhone 4.

LG is believed to be the manufacturer of the Retina Display, but they might have some other partners in mind as well.

Meizu, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, unveiled their M9 Android 2.2 phone this week which runs a 1 GHz chip, a 960 x 640 resolution, 3.5-inch screen and 512 MB of RAM.  Those specs are all on par with the iPhone 4, though it is doubtful that Meizu’s design (mockups pictured) will be anywhere near as appealing as Apple’s.

The new M9 is scheduled for release in October but a price hasn’t yet been set.

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