By Seth Weintraub
August 16, 2010

A half hour with Google’s President, Global Sales Operations and Business Development.

You don’t have to travel very far down the Google Executives page to find Nikesh Arora, he’s just below the founders and CEO Eric Schmidt.  That tells you how important his views are to Google (GOOG).  Last week while visiting India, he gave a three part interview in which he portrayed the company as sticking to its roots as an “untraditional company,” yet is growing into new businesses at a rapid pace.

Among other things, he mentioned that Google has a fledgling Enterprise business that isn’t advertising-based, and that Google is playing around with a new idea for content distribution.  Paid subscriptions.  You can already rent movies from Yahoo in this fashion but it feels like this third type of revenue stream may play a bigger part of Google’s future growth.

Part two and three of the interview are embedded below where Arora talks privacy, acquisitions and the definition of Google.  via @nikesharora

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