By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
August 15, 2010

There are at least 32 in the works. Technologizer has the definitive round-up.

Nothing breeds imitation in high tech like a runaway Apple (AAPL) success. Even before the iPad was unveiled, Cupertino’s competitors were scrambling to catch up. Now that Steve Jobs’ latest invention is clearly a hit, the rush is on.

How many iPad wannabees are out there or in the works? Technologizer‘s Harry McCracken stopped counting at 32, but he seems to have captured all the important ones in what is, for now, the definitive list. You can see his annotated round-up here.

McCracken’s criteria: No physical keyboard and at least a 5-inch screen.

“I found the Cisco Cius intriguing,” he writes when he’s done. “Notion Ink’s Adam also stands out from the pack. I’m itching to learn details about HP’s WebOS device. And I remain extremely skeptical about Windows 7 as a tablet operating system — but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised…”

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