By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
July 25, 2010

YouTube videos — some wild, some less so — document iPad’s launch in 9 countries Friday

For future anthropologists who may someday write doctoral theses on how different cultures greeted the arrival Apple’s (AAPL) tablet computer, we submit as evidence the videos below the fold.

The iPad launched in nine countries Friday, but how that launch was greeted varied widely.

There were long queues in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hassalt, Belgium. There were velvet-roped lines in Singapore and customers camped out in the stairwells of Hong Kong. There was chaos — and waiters in white jackets — in Mexico. But the Irish, judging from TV3’s man-on-the-street interviews, would rather go on holiday. And despite the headline slapped on NZHeraldTV’s coverage, it seems relatively few Kiwis went crazy for the iPad.

Videos below the fold:

Hong Kong:


New Zealand:



Netherlands (Amsterdam):

Netherlands (Rotterdam):


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