By Seth Weintraub
July 24, 2010

Google tries to keep its employee/Twitter karma in line as it looks to hire a famous State Department Twitterer-in-Chief and at the same time loses a top Android evangelist to Twitter.

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports that Jared Cohen, the Twitter face of the US State Department is finalizing a deal which would bring him to Google (GOOG).  As she points out, the revolving door between Washington and Google seems to spin pretty fast with a laundry list of executives hopping back and forth between the two entities over the last few years.

The pickup will help Google in its relations with the US Government, which appears to be scrutinizing every deal Google makes these days.

The Streetview cars incident alone is probably enough to keep a small army of Google’s government relations managers busy.

Perhaps freeing up a desk for Cohen, Sun Hu Kim, Google’s (now former) Android developer liaison, has left for Twitter according to  a Tweet he posted today.  He’ll begin work in an as of yet unnamed role at Twitter.

A four year veteran at Google, Kims role, according to his linkedin account was “Encouraging developers from around the world to build apps for Android.”

He’ll likely try to do the same for Twitter.

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