By Seth Weintraub
July 24, 2010

Apple continues to try to draw attention away from its antenna woes by this time targeting its second Android device.

Apple’s iPhone 4 has an problem where if flesh or any conductor makes contact with where the two external antennas meet, the signal drops.  Apple reluctantly announced that it would issue free bumpers to its customers last week to help deal with this flaw, until they come up with something better in October.

But the company is actively trying to change the message to an entirely different problem.  The  iPhone, like most other mobile phones, also drops signal when squeezed. So Apple, again,is trying to change the message away from iPhone 4’s unique antenna flaw.  Here’s their video of the Android-powered Droid X exhibiting the same behavior that all phones including the iPhone 4 have:

Who holds a phone like that anyway? But, to the point, there isn’t any part of the Droid X where you can touch lightly with flesh and drop signal like any of the videos below on YouTube:

Here’s some free advice Apple: Spend more time trying to get your customers signal-saving bumpers (before September 1) and less time trying to fool potential customers away from your competitors.  The longer Apple keeps Antennagate in the news, the longer people are going to be talking about them.

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