By JP Mangalindan
July 19, 2010

After The Social Network trailer went live last week, several readers were quick to pass judgment on the 2-minute and 27-second clip. One found it “hysterical.” Another, like Tony, from Boston, dubbed it a flop-in-the-making.

“Ben Mezrich’s last book that got adapted [21] … ended up sucking really, really hard,” he wrote. “I expect The Social Network to be equally as bad.”

Still other media-savvy-types, probably moved to act by that female Belgian choir cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” went above and beyond, crafting spoofs that speak for themselves.

We’ve rounded up some of the most creative attempts after the break.

  • FunnyorDie users Dan Ilic and Lewis Hobba re-imagined the trailer as a brainstorm session among screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin, director David Fincher, soundtrack go-to-guy Trent Reznor via rapid-fire status updates.
  • In’s take, a popsicle stick version of founder Mark Zuckerberg pokes fun at himself and some of Facebook’s supposed flaws.
  • A YouTube user with the handle “MyImaginaryChainsaw” took the The Social Network trailer and made it about MySpace’s ongoing struggle for relevance in a Facebook-dominated world. Warning: written expletives — and misspellings — abound.

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