By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
July 18, 2010

The company was quick to post the “Antennagate” press conference. It’s about that link …

[UPDATE: The problem I describe below was fixed shortly after this was posted, which may explain why so many readers suggested in their comments that I’d finally lost my marbles.]

I’m as sick of writing about the iPhone 4’s antenna as you probably are of reading about it. But since nobody else seems to have taken note of this public relations oddity, I’ll step up to the plate.

Less than an hour after the conclusion of Steve Jobs’ Friday press conference — the one in which he announced that he would be giving away free iPhone 4 cases — Apple (AAPL) had posted the video on its home page. Like most reporters who covered the event, I copied and pasted the URL as soon as it appeared.

The only problem was, that URL took you not to Jobs’ July 16 press conference, but to his June 7 keynote — an event that put the iPhone 4 in a much better light.

I assumed this was an oversight, and that someone at Apple would quickly fix it.

But two days later, nothing has changed. The link posted by everyone from GigaOm to the Huffington Post still takes you to the wrong place. And you can’t get to the press conference through Apple’s See all Apple Event Videos.

For now, the only way to see the event (or rather, the first 30 minutes, without the Q&A) is to go to Apple’s home page and scroll down to the tab marked “July 16 Press Conference.” It was still there Sunday morning. We’ll have to see whether it’s still there on Monday. [UPDATE: It’s also, for now, on’s start page.]

There is, however, one way to get the correct link. You scroll to “July 16 Press Conference” from the home page, use Control-Click to “Copy link location,” and paste that link into your browser.

That’s one you might want to bookmark.

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