By Seth Weintraub
July 16, 2010

Revenue beat expectations ($5B) at $5.1B.  EPS didn’t meet expectations, however.

Google is down 20 points or 4% in after hours trading

Google’s press release here. Webcast posted.

Google said it earned $6.45 per share which was slightly under estimates of $6.51 per share.

“Google had a strong second quarter,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. “Solid growth in our core business and very strong growth in our emerging businesses drove 24% revenue growth year over year. We saw strength in every major product area, as more and more traditional brand advertisers embraced search advertising and as large advertisers increasingly ran integrated campaigns across search, display, and mobile. We feel confident about our future, and plan to continue to invest aggressively in our core areas of strategic focus.”

Some interesting notes:

  • Android 100,000 apps is wrong according to Google, they are at 70,000. Still 160,000 phones activated daily
  • Google spent $100 million on the Viacom copyright case.
  • People spent 4.8 million hours playing that PacMan Doodle (thats 547 years)

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