By Seth Weintraub
July 14, 2010

The point, I hope, is that Google wants to shame the cable and phone companies into providing faster Internet service.

Google today released a progress report on their Google Fiber for Communities project.

Conclusion: People want cheap Gigabit Fiber to the home really, really badly.

So much, in fact, they are willing to do just about anything:

Google’s (GOOG) motivations are simple: Faster Internet equates to more time online and more Google advertising.

I’ll admit it.  I’d do something stupid to get reasonably priced Gigabit Fiber in my home. But I know, especially after watching this video, that it wouldn’t be freaky enough to ‘win.’

Hopefully the cable companies and telcos are watching and see what kind of demand is out there for reasonably-priced high speed fiber.

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