By Seth Weintraub
July 9, 2010

At  VidCon 2010 conference today, YouTube announced compatibility for the type of video that you typically see on 25 foot IMAX screens.

Hunter Walk, YouTube’s Director of Product Management, keynoted the VidCon 2010 Conference and had some interesting information regarding YouTube video.

YouTube will now support 4096 x 3072 video, otherwise known as 4K.

That’s if your computer and Internet can handle the huge requirements to stream that kind of video using Adobe’s Flash.  Below a sample is embedded, four more can be found here.

It may make more sense to use one of the many tools out on the Internet to extract the MP4 file and play it in a standalone player.  The downloads are still pretty huge.

It is hard to imagine what Google plans on doing with this new capability but they will now support the types of resolutions that the new filmmakers are getting with products like the RedOne camera.

Perhaps this will spur some new innovation in displays and computer GPUs.

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