By Seth Weintraub
July 8, 2010

YouTube released a new full featured version of its website for mobile devices and at the same time previews GoogleTV’s YouTube Leanback.

Today, Google announced a full featured ‘web app’ that gives YouTube users most of the features you get in a standalone app that you see on Android and the iPhone.  The new version runs in a browser and can be updated easily by Google (GOOG) on the server side.  To entice people away from their current YouTube app, Google is enabling HD content to stream through to the web app.

Go there on your HTML5-compliant mobile browser:  Here’s Google’s video:

Seperately,  Google announced the GoogleTV version of YouTube, called ‘Leanback’ which hooks into your Facebook friend circle and allows you to watch YouTubes in HD streams in a manner more suited to large screen TVs. beta is up now.  Videos below:

This is today’s YouTube Leanback:

Here is YouTube Leanback from the Google I/O conference:

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