By Heidi N. Moore
July 2, 2010

Double-dip recession: Don’t think it can’t happen.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: The head of the IMF keeps it real in an interview.

CIT: The lender’s new CFO, Scott Parker, comes Cerberus-approved.

Personal bankruptcy filings: on the rise.

The UK: It has had enough of binge-drinking, that we know. But it is also asking people to cool it with the binge-flying. But isn’t the national commitment to getting out of a small, foggy island in fact the very way the British Empire was built?

Al Gore: Intrade has launched a contract on whether he’ll be convicted of sex crimes.

The World Cup: It has become a political football. If you willl. As it were. So to speak.

Brokers: The SEC will impose a fiduciary standard.

Bank capital: There’s no one right answer.

Paul Volcker: What has been done to his rule? He’s an artiste! He cannot work under these conditions!

Programming note: This Sunday is America’s Birthday (and also that of your Street Sweep correspondent) so there will be no posts on Monday. See you on Tuesday and vive la revolution!

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