By Paul Smalera
July 2, 2010

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76. The Great Lakes

77. Salt water taffy
Delicious even though they contain neither salt nor water

78. Roller coasters
Possibly the only 30-second activity worth a three-hour wait

79. HBO
Even if we’re unsold on the vampire craze

80. The Everglades
Where else would you go to get drunk and wrestle an alligator?

81. Bonnie and Clyde
Do you and your honey bunny rob banks? No? Then sit down.

82. Chewing gum
But please, remember that it’s a silent activity

83. The light bulb
And we just keep inventing better ones!

84. Religious freedom
From Pilgrims to scientologists

85. Bagels
If you’ve never tried one, come to New York and make your first one an H&H

86. Judd Apatow films

87. The Billboard 100
Measuring our music since 1958

88. Chipotle
And the guacamole really is worth the extra $2.25

89. Dalmatians on fire trucks
Black and white and red all over

90. Disney movies
Not yours, Nicholas Cage. The old school, animated ones

91. New Year’s Eve
Every country has one, but they all watch Times Square

92. Elvis Presley
A hound-dog and the King

93. Cowboys

94. Turducken
A true American delicacy: a chicken in a duck in a turkey

95. Netflix
The only movie rental survivor

96. Spring Break
We plead the Fifth

97. Escalators
First used commercially in Yonkers, NY in 1899—who knew?

98. Stand-up comedy
Unless you are singled out

99. Redwood trees
The oldest is 2,200 years old

100. Bendy straws
Invented by a Cleveland entrepreneur—and perhaps Ohio’s most significant contribution, though we tip our hats to the Wright Brothers and its 8 U.S. Presidents

101. Charlie Brown
Sorry, Charlie, maybe next time you’ll crack the top 100

Happy Birthday America!

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