By Paul Smalera
July 2, 2010

Part 3 [1-2526-5051-7575-100 ]

51. Slip ‘N Slide
Simple. Genius.

52. Ice cream
Ben and Jerry’s, Breyers, soft serve… ours freezes the competition

53. Yellowstone National Park

54. Oreos
This choice bribed by the secret dairy farmers’ cartel

55. Edward R. Murrow
A journalist who was cool? Sigh.

56. Restaurant week
The one week a year when snooty waiters have to play nice

57. Washington D.C. monuments at night
Lincoln looks good

58. Bugs Bunny
Every parent’s dream: he’s nice to doctors and he eats his veggies

59. Etch A Sketch
Don’t shake away our faith in this one

60. Coca-cola
Hmmm… what does the “coca” stand for again?

61. Flip flops
Not the John Kerry kind, though both can be found on Nantucket

62. Vegas weddings

63. Napa wine
If anyone orders Merlot, we’re leaving

64. Willie Nelson

65. eBay
The only place where you can buy a single cornflake

66. Blueberries
Our favorite fruit that can’t check email

67. The Rockettes

68. Charles Barkley
Hosting Saturday Night Live and pitching for T-Mobile, Sir Charles is now larger than life

69. Blue jeans
Levi Strauss invented the modern version only to see them become boringly ubiquitous

70. County fairs
We recommend you eat your corndog after swinging that sledgehammer at the High Striker game

71. The Oscars
A celebration of everything good and awful about Hollywood

72. Veterans
Thank you

73. Steakhouses
Thankfully, not rare

74. The Tiffany box
The only package more powerful than its contents

75. Sports mascots
The San Diego Chicken vs. the Phillie Phanatic

[ The list: 1-2526-5051-7575-100 ]

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