By Seth Weintraub
June 23, 2010

Another update to Google Maps for Android (4.3) adds the times to public transit as well as Latitude and easy restaurant ratings.

Just a month after the last feature update of Google Maps for Android, Google has updated the application again with more standout features.  This time, the app receives big help for commuters using public transportation and Geo-social networkers.

Now, if you click on a train or bus stop, Google (GOOG) gives you as much information about the schedules as is available in a new overlay, including the most important info: upcoming departures.

That is pretty convenient for most of the country.  However, in case you were wondering, New York Subways don’t have times (was hoping for a miracle here – it turns out a timetable doesn’t exist).

Google Maps 4.3 also  further integrates Google Latitude by suggesting friends to add.  After briefly trying out the service, it appears that it looks through your Gmail for others who have signed up for Google Latitude.  From there it gives you simple add or dismiss options.

Finally, Google Maps 4.3 for Android also adds a quick restaurant ratings overlay (pictured below).  This is a fantastic way to quickly decide which restaurant to visit in an area where you don’t have local expertise.

The new Reviews overlay also includes links to book a table through or share the place using Buzz, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

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