By Seth Weintraub
June 22, 2010

Through analysis of yesterday’s Verizon Droid X teaser, Droid watchers have gleaned all kinds of information, including a possible ship date. slowed down the Droid X teaser (below), and pulled some interesting information about the new smart phone.

First is the newly-created @DroidLanding twitter account, which shows up right at the beginning (right). Verizon started updating that yesterday and seems to have a ‘missing Droids’ plot story going on.

Subsequent frames show some already-known specifics: 4.3-inch widescreen, 8MP camera, and HDMI out. (wow, this could be a Sprint EVO commercial!). But the biggest question is the release date, which may have been answered with the following screenshot:

Could that be a 7.2.2010, indicating a July 2 release date? Perhaps. That is a Friday, which seems to be the day best suited to releasing big smartphones. July 19 has also been thrown out as a possible release date.

Take another look at the teaser below:

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